elle-même is an online shopping destination for lovers of glamour, individuality, history and of course, jewelry. 

Owner Denise Kohne travels the country sifting through mountains of old jewelry in order to find and select only the most unique and/or timeless pieces for her shop. Each piece is inspected and cleaned in detail, ready to shift from lost treasure to your new favorite adornment. 

elle-même began in San Francisco back in 2007. After nine years, Denise decided to close her Russian Hill store front and venture online. Her biggest obstacle was seeing that all of the jewelry she wanted to showcase was so much prettier in person! Her solution was to incorporate lots of video on her site so that each piece could be seen in a more natural state, giving shoppers confidence in their purchases. 

[History + Quality]

Thanks to Coco Chanel's pioneering costume jewelry movement in the 1920s, many fine jewelry makers transitioned into the costume jewelry market, bringing their masterful skills and high quality standards with them. 

Without the limitations of costly precious materials, designers were free to let their imaginations soar! 

With new and innovative designs on the rise, costume jewelry quickly grew in popularity with hundreds of designers and manufacturers opening throughout the United States, and remaining in business for many decades.  

The majority of pieces you will find at elle-même were Made in the USA.

[Style + Individuality]

Throughout history, women everywhere have demonstrated that through fashion we are able to communicate to others a little piece of ourselves. 

They have shown that the essence of beauty is not how something appears, but how it makes you feel. In adoration of these women, we bring to you elle-même; a place where you can create and establish your own standards and ideals of beauty. 

elle-même is the french word for ‘herself.'

Find YOUR style.